JZ Couture is a premier online luxury fashion store for feminine apparels. Its website features exclusive creations, fusing Asian and Western design philosophies. Their collection is defined by quintessential tradition enhanced by engineering excellence, to produce a new balance in color, style, fabric and embroidery. This high-end brand is available at a number of selected boutiques worldwide.

    Webmarketr.com designed a customized E-commerce website for JZ Couture that does not resemble a regular E-commerce website in any way giving it that distinct appearance to stand apart from the rest. Developed using Open Cart, the website offers a variety of functionality to enhance the user-experience of ordering products.


    Omen Electronics Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales that specializes in manufacturing tablets, headphones, computers, games & much more. It is committed to providing high quality products that exceed customer satisfaction at lower prices. Omen Electronics came to Webmarketr.com for creating a mobile app that can help its users to sync each of their social media profiles quickly and efficiently.

    Webmarketr.com transformed their idea into a lucrative mobile app – The Social Pony. Being an easy to use, comprehensive and engaging mobile application, offering all the functionalities and features it became an instant hit among its users. Designed and developed for business owners it allows them to connect with their existing and potential customers in a quick and easy manner. They can update, manage and monitor all of their social media profiles from their smartphones, all on-the-go. The app is available for iOS7 and Android devices.


    Flyanairliner provides innovative, world-class and professional flight simulation products and courses for the aviation enthusiasts. They offer their users the thrill and exhilaration of flying an Airbus or Boeing passenger jet in their exceptionally built state-of-the-art simulator cabins. Their experienced and sympathetic instructors also conduct one-to-one sessions that were previously only available to the professional airline pilots.

    Webmarketr.com revamped the existing website using custom WordPress plug-ins and gave it a whole new look and an appealing feel. By integrating additional features, the revised layout improved the overall brand experience. The website now incorporates effective and user-friendly online purchase options after this alteration.

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